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Certificate of Deposit Rates

We have three main sets of rates.

  1. Personal
  2. Corporate
  3. IRA
Why three? Banks we work with accept different types of deposits based on their staffing levels and willingness to manage the different account set-up requirements. We only work with federally insured banks (FDIC) and credit unions (NCUA).

Although we have competitive rates, rates are not our focus. Service is. There are plenty of sites that just focus on rates. You are probably familiar with two of the more popular ones, and If you are just looking for a rate, check them out. But, if you want a company that helps service your CD needs, give us a ring or use our contact form link to the right.

Personal Funds’ Rates

FEE Based Rates
Updated: 07/19/2017

TermCurrent RateAPYNotes
5 Year 2.50%2.50%
4 Year 2.30%2.30%
3 Year 2.15%2.15%
2 Year 1.85%1.85%
1 Year 1.70%1.70%

Rates are subject to change at any time.

For a number of years we have suggested a strategy of investing some of your CD portfolio into long-term CDs with low penalties. We then set those CDs to check on and compare current rates. Many of those are now coming up. The clients that participated now have CDs paying 2.50% to over 3.00%. Current 5-year CDs are paying 1.80% to 2.20%. So far the strategy is paying off. Since 5-year CDs are still paying a premium over 1-year CDs, I still believe it is a valid strategy. Please use our contact link if you would like more information.

Many banks don’t offer to compound interest especially on Jumbo Certificates of Deposit. As a result, the bank with the highest APY may not be the bank with the highest APR. Furthermore, banks compound on different schedules; it could be daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Make sure you compare interest rates appropriately. We have a calculator here that can help you calculate your earnings: CD Interest Calculator.

Finally, Jumbo CD Investment earns a fee from the investor. If you are interested in callable CD rates let us know. We have callable CD rates available for our customers in CA, OR, CO, and WY.