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Welcome to our Various CD Calculators. Our first one is an interest earned calculator. Just input your principal, rate, compounding, and term and the calculator will do the rest. The calculator calculates the APY, approximate monthly interest, simple annual interest, annual interest earned (based on compounding method), and total interest earned for the term.

Term (in years):
Approx monthly Interest:
Simple Annual Interest:
Annual Interest Earned:
Compounded Interest:
Total at Maturity:

Some additional Notes
If you have an odd term maturity such as 9-months or 18-months you can enter the term as a decimal like 0.75 or 1.50. If you need the calculator to be precise to a given number of days, first divide you term (in days) by 365 and then enter that value. For instance if you have a 603-day term you would enter 1.6521.