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We are a CD Placement Service. Our goal is to help you find the best Certificate of Deposit rates available nationally. We will recommend rates for banks and/or credit unions that meet your investing criteria. We will provide strategies to maximize your earnings such as CD laddering, access to low early withdrawal penalty CDs, callable CDs, etc. First and foremost, we take the time to understand your goals and objectives and will provide a listing of CDs to help facilitate that.

We search the US looking for banks and credit unions that make their Certificates of Deposit available to nationwide investors. We charge a fee for access to the placement information necessary to complete these CDs. Sometimes it is as easy as faxing a letter to the bank and wiring them the funds. Other times the bank may have forms that need to be completed. We complete as much of the process as we can based on the information that you provide us.

We only work with FDIC insured banks and NCUA insured credit unions. We provide enough banks or credit unions to ensure that all of your funds will remain insured. Current insurance limits are $250,000 per account type for each institution where you open CDs.

We charge 0.10% of the principal, times the term of the CD. It comes $100 per $100,000 per year of the CD. Some of the interest rates we have are from credit unions. They have one-time membership fees that usually range from $7 to $35. If you like how that sounds, then let’s start Reviewing the Rates or let’s get started.