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September 30th, 2009

I will be starting a series of posts that will be providing some free Bank CD Rate information. I’m going to start with California CD Rates. These posts will be an experiment to see how well our advertisements support our site. So if the information is helpful, please tell your friends and/or link to the post or blog. Also, leaving comments is always appreciative. Of course, please let me know if there is anyway to improve the information. We’ve added a feature where we color code the ratings. Hopefully, that will give you a quick visual on whether or not a bank or credit union is worth putting money into.

OneWest Bank, FSB — OneWest was formerlly IndyMac Bank which the FDIC took over. The FDIC actually kept the bank open and ran it as IndyMac Bank, FSB. They finally found a group of investors to move it back to private ownership. The investors got to take the good and leave the bad so have had a nice healthy start. They are currently about $17BB in assets with a very healthy 11.8% capital ratio. They made about $377MM in the first 6-months. Their CD Rates are not limited to people in California and are currently quite competitive. They will also accept IRAs, but the rates are a little lower. The are currently pushing the 1-year CD most heavily.

1-year 2.05%
2-year 2.25%

Visit their site for current rates and to open a CD. They also have a nice savings/money market account for 1.75% APY. Check the site for restrictions and details.
Rated 4-stars (****).FDIC# 58978.

Imperial Capital Bank — Imperial Capital has good rates and they offer either an on-line process or CDs can be opened through the mail. CD Rates are:

6-month 1.49%
1-year 1.80%
18-month 2.04%
2-year 2.27%

FDIC# 26348. The bank has $4BB in assets, but their Capital ratio is quite low at 4.20%.
Rated 1-star (*). Site.

The California Credit Union — California CU is open to all. You have to either be a current member of the PTA or PTSA or make a $5 donation. You can also gain membership by contributing to an organization like PBS. They need an additional $5 to go into a savings account. They are large for a credit union with about $1.5BB in assets. They have a 9.53% capital ratio.

6-month 0.60%
1-year 0.95%
5-year 3.00%

They currently have a loss, but still are rated 3-stars (***). NCUA# 60784. Site.

That’s it for our CD Rates California post.

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-- By +Chris Duncan

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