Tough Call – To Post or Not

May 23rd, 2008

I really struggled with whether to make this post or not.?? It isn’t business related nor on topic for what the blog is usually about.? I even have other posts I would like to make. But, I just felt the need to express a few thoughts.?

Regardless of your circles, you probably heard that Steven Curtis Chapman and his family suffered a devestating loss yesterday.? Their five-year old daughter, Maria Sue,?was hit in the driveway by one of their other teenage children driving home.? The teenager didn’t see her.? I know the Christian community (of which I belong) is reaching out to them with prayers and looking to help anyway they can.?

Although, receiving prayers from all over the world I’m sure helps bring comfort this is probably a case where they really don’t want the attention.? However, that really isn’t the point of my post.

Tragedies like this happen everyday.? Families experience loss everyday.? Since I do have a large family, it just struck a chord.? I have a daughter that is the same age as?Maria Sue?was.? We don’t expect things like this to happen to us.? Nobody is immune from loss or tragedy.? No matter how many records you’ve sold, miles you’ve walked, or days you’ve taught.? No matter how many people know your name, how many hearts you’ve fixed, how many teeth you’ve repaired, or how many sermons you’ve preached.? No matter how many posts you’ve made, how many bad guys you’ve caught, how many wars you’ve fought, or how many fires you’ve put out.? Your next day is not promised.? Those around you are not promised another day with you.

Take time today to make sure those you love, know it.? Take time today to heal broken relationships.? Take time today to make sure things are in order.? Give your wife, your children, your friends, your boss, your pastor, your paperboy, whoever an extra hug today.

Finally, I have certain beliefs that allow me to not fear such tragedies.? I know there is a God who is bigger than I am, and He is in control.? However, I’m not going to beat you over the head?with those beliefs.? Sometimes, though, it takes a tragedy to ask the right questions and to seek the right answers.? I’ll leave you a link if you want to explore more.? On Tuesday, Lord willing, its back to business.

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-- By +Chris Duncan

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