The Problem With Bailouts

December 22nd, 0208

Today it is being reported that the majority of the banks that took bailout dollars have no way to account for where it went. Didn’t anyone think that accountability might be a good idea?!?

They are giving money to the auto companies. And from what I’ve read, they’ve removed most of the teeth that the original proposal contained.

I read today that Commercial Realestate folks are now petitioning for bail-out funds. Where will it end? How can the gov’t say no? They’ve been bailing everyone else out. Who will be next?

Caroline Baum has written a funny article on the bailout mess. She points out that children easily see the unjustice and unfairness of it all. Why can’t Washington?

Junior Asks Daddy, Where Do Bailouts Come From

The sad thing is, the people who really need it aren’t getting it. The current method of saving the big boys has just lead to the big boys blowing through the funds and then wanting more. I don’t see less homes being foreclosed or the economy improving. At this point, the gov’t has only rewarded stupidity. And if they keep it up, why would anyone be encouraged to do things better and differently? Let me know what you think.

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-- By +Chris Duncan

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