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Increased Interest Earnings for a Northern CA Bank

A Northern California bank came to us looking for a solution to their excess $40MM of Fed Funds that were earning about 0.25%. We proposed investing the funds into certificates of deposit ranging from 1-year to 3-years. The bank opted for terms of 1-year to 2-years. Due to the size of the portfolio, we also suggested they invest the majority through our custodial CD program. This kept them from having to deal with separate sets of documents from each bank.

We helped them place the funds over a two-month time frame. The average term for the CDs was 454-Days (15-months) with an average rate of 1.998%. That increased their annual interest earnings from $100,000 to over $799,000.00.

Increased a Public Fund's Capacity to Handle Excess Funds

A public funds management company came to us looking for a greater capacity to handle the excess funds that their clients had. By harnessing our banking relationships we increased their capacity over $125 Million.

Augmented a California Corporation's Portfolio

The corporation came to us to be an additional resource for high quality, safe investments. Originally, the corporation just invested in certificates of deposit, but yield became an important factor over duration. We augmented the portfolio with high quality municipal bonds and government agency bonds. Average term is about 11.5 years. Average rate is 5.337%. Portfolio: $3.6MM.

Higher IRA and Trust Fund Rates Found for an Individual Investor

An individual from Florida came to us looking to place about $2.5MM in IRA funds and $1MM in trust funds. We found higher rates than he had access to for about $1.6MM of the IRA funds and about $500K of the trust funds. We also saved him time collecting forms, making phone calls, and figuring out how to place the CDs at the various institutions.