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Over $12,500,000,000 placed to date

For April we helped banks and credit unions acquire over $67 Million.

Jumbo CD investments helps banks and credit unions with their funding and deposit acquisition needs. We have access to various sources to help you with your liquidity needs and options. We are always expanding this through strategic partnerships and new client relationships. We have three main options to help you bring deposits into your bank or credit union.

Eagle Dollar ImageIs your Rate Service costing you money? If you are a well-capitalized bank you can take brokered deposits. Brokered deposits can be much more efficient and sometimes less expensive then deposits from a listing service. Here is a table with some current funding levels. Call us or send us an email. We can help you with a solution to your liquidity needs. Updated 05/18/17.

Term Brokered Rate Direct Rate Public Funds
5 Year 2.40% 2.25%  
4 Year 2.25% 2.10%  
3 Year 2.10% 2.05%  
2 Year 1.75% 1.70% 1.70%
1 Year 1.45% 1.35% 1.35%
9 month 1.20% 1.20% 1.20%
6 month 1.15% 1.15% 1.15%

We service banks and credit unions and make it easy to acquire the type of deposits that help you meet your funding goals. We can send funds from CIP exempt institutions such as banks, credit unions, and public entities, as well as, personal and corporate accounts that require full CIP. For those clients that require full CIP, we will be sure you receive the documents you require for your files.

Direct Placed CDs
Direct Placed CDs are by far the most popular service we offer. And with the added ease of our eInfo system, accepting deposits has never been easier. Investors use our Deposit Referral Service to know which banks are in the national market. The clients wire their funds directly to your institution and either fax or email their set-up information. This is a very simple and cost effective way to attract deposits.
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Brokered CDs
Many of these placements are very similar to our Direct CD service. The two big differences are: 1) the set-up information comes from us and 2) the rate to the client may be reduced from your total cost. The difference between the gross rate and the net to the depositor is the spread billed by us back to your institution. For example, you may offer us a 0.80% total cost for a 1-Year CD. We mark the rate down to 0.55% and bill the 0.25% spread back to your institution. In many cases, these CDs are less expensive than direct CDs.
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Large Block Deposits
Large block deposits are the easiest to handle for you. You receive a single CD that is comprised of five or more deposits grouped together. So, instead of having to set-up up five or more separate $99,000 or $100,000 CDs, you only have to set-up one for $495,000. Instead of sending out five or more sets of paperwork, statements, interest payments, etc; you only send out one. Although much easier to handle, they generally need a premium on the rate. However, the time savings and ease probably makes up for much of the difference in the additional cost.
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