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We’ve been helping institutional and individual investors invest in CDs for over 22-years.

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What makes our CD placement service unique? We have banks and credit unions in the market offering some of the best rates in the country, which saves you time calling them yourself to see if they will take your funds. We provide an easy step-by-step process so that your CD is set-up quickly and efficiently. Finally, we are there for you during the term if any problems arise such as a lost interest check or needing a re-send of the safekeeping receipt. Current CD Specials: Updated: 03/09/17

For Credit Unions and Banks – $100,000 minimum

12-month CD at 1.31% APR*, Fee Based

Bauer Rating: 5-stars

24-month CD at 1.55% APR*, Fee Based

Bauer Rating: 4-stars

5-year CD at 2.25% APR*, Fee Based

Bauer Rating: 4-stars

These are direct CDs. You send your funds directly to the FDIC insured bank or NCUA insured credit union. If marked with an “*”, the placement has a 10 Basis point per annum fee which comes tp $100 per $100,000 per year of the CD.

For Businesses, Non-Profits, and Individuals – $100,000 minimum

5-year CD at 2.15% APR*, Fee Based

Bauer Rating: 4-stars

5-year CD at 2.08% APR, No Fee

This CD is being offered through our custodial CD program with Sauk Valley Bank & Trust. Their FDIC# is 35131. They have $293.6 MM in assets and are well-capitalized. They have a 4-Star rating on Bauer. Look them up on the FDIC: http://www2.fdic.gov/idasp/confirmation_outside.asp?inCert1=35131

We will be happy to provide you the information on the institution(s) once you complete our contact form. You are under no obligation until you actually wire the funds.

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Rates are subject to change at any time.

Please let us know if you have any questions. If you prefer calling versus emailing our number is: 800-234-4605.