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Here are the details for our current Custodial CD Specials: Updated: 1/06/15

For Businesses and Individuals – $100,000 minimum

Please call for current specials

This CDs is being offered through our custodial CD program with Sauk Valley Bank & Trust. Their FDIC# is 35131. They have $293.6 MM in assets and are well-capitalized. They have a five-star rating on Bauer. Look them up on the FDIC:

The underlying bank does not accept CDs nationwide from individuals directly. They only open up institutional CDs. Thus the need to do the CD through Sauk Valley acting as your agent. We will be happy to provide you the information on this bank once you complete our contact form. We are paid for referring new CDs. Thus, the reluctance to provide the bank name ahead of time.

Chris Duncan will be your representative at Jumbo CD Investments.

If you wish to speak with Sauk Valley directly we can provide you contact information. Please complete our contact form and let us know in the “Additional Information” box that you wish to do that. We can also provide additional references beyond our testimonials if you so desire. We have been in business for over 22-years.

Steps to Complete CD

  • Complete our contact form providing us your email address. We will only use that to send you the necessary information for the CD
  • Complete the Sauk Valley Bank & Trust Custodial agreement and New Customer Form
  • Fax forms to Jumbo CD Investments or Sauk Valley Bank & Trust
  • Wire funds to Sauk Valley Bank & Trust
  • Sauk Valley will wire funds on your behalf to the bank offering the CD
  • You will get a confirmation of your CD from Sauk Valley.
  • Sauk Valley will either mail you your monthly interest or they can directly deposit it into another bank account.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Thank you,
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