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February 3rd, 2011

Well, we did fall behind in our posting schedule, but thank fully things have remained busy. You have probably noticed an uptick in 4-year and 5-year CD rates. This is primarily because the 5-year treasury has been trading above 2% for almost two-months. It was previously at 1.50%. However, I believe we are a long way away from being out of the woods. Another great piece of news is in the next few months we will have a new site. For now, here is our latest review.

Nationwide Bank has been a strong player in the national CD market for a few years now. They are continuing that with a good showing on their longer-term rates.

NCUA/FDIC# 34710
Stats Updated: 09/10

Star Rating: 5(*****)

Assets: $3.75BB

Equity: $369.7MM

Capital Ratio: 9.84%

Profits(loss): $37.2M

Phone#:(877) 422-6569

Contact: Banking Specialist
Address: One Nationwide Plaza, 2-14-05
Columbus, OH 43215

Penalty: 6-months of interest(5-year CD)

Nationwide Bank does accept personal as well as institutional deposits. Institutional investors have a different set of rates though. They will also do IRAs. They are even smart enough to realize that certain account types such as banks, credit unions, and public funds are exempt from the Patriot Act.


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-- By +Chris Duncan

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