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December 9th, 2010

Okay, first a few comments. 1) I appreciate all of our readers and subscribers to the ends of the earth. 2) Time is money. 3) I use some of my time to help you earn more money with your CDs. 4) Our blog is supported by ad revenue. That is how I earn money so that I can spend more time helping you.

A recent reader ruffled my feathers a little when they didn’t like the extra words I write and just wanted CD Rates. Part of my enjoyment comes from not only hunting down the rates, but providing some additional insights. I am a story teller by nature and naturally want to tell a story about the bank. So I hope you can give me some grace and realize that part of what makes this enjoyable for me is the “story” that I tell.

Alright, enough of that, on to the rates (sans story this time).

AIG Federal Savings Bank

NCUA/FDIC# 35267

Stats Updated: 09/10

Star Rating: 3 (***)

Assets: $1.10BB

Equity: $128.2MM

Capital Ratio: 11.63%

Profits(loss): $1.4MM

Phone#:(866) 231-9620

Contact: Customer Service
Address: 600 King St.
Wilmington, DE 19801


I am surprised that AIG Federal Savings Bank hasn’t changed their name like GMAC and Lehman Brothers, but Kudos for staying the course. Their CD Rates leave a lot to be desired though. I suppose if you have over $1MM dollars and are looking for a healthy bank, they would end up in the top 5 CD rates or so.


cd :O)

-- By +Chris Duncan

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