Melrose Credit Union – CD Rates

November 1st, 2010

Melrose Credit Union has some of the best certificate of deposit rates out there. They don’t update rates very often. Prior to the current update, it as 8/26/10.

NCUA# 62005

Stats Updated: 09/10

Star Rating: 5 (*****)

Assets: $1.3BB

Equity: $280.7MM

Capital Ratio: 20.84%

Profits(loss): $15.5MM (9-Months)

Phone#:(718) 658-9800

Contact: Any CSR
Address: 139-30 Queens Blvd
Briarwood, NY 11435
Penalty: (5-year CD)

Membership: $26

Melrose Credit Union is one of the few credit unions that allow for nationwide membership. I’ve recommended in other articles, that even if you don’t have enough money for a CD today, it is one that would be worth joining so that when you do have funds, you can just fund the CD and not have to wait on the membership process. Melrose needs the original application before they can open the CD. You can complete one online and then print it, sign, and mail it or they can mail you one. Another often overlooked or unknown benefit to holding accounts at credit unions is that some of them pay a dividend at the end of the year.

Updated: 01/12/11

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-- By +Chris Duncan

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