Fighting Scams, Watching your Credit, and Great Homes

November 10th, 2010

First, thank you to everyone that has enjoyed the series of posts featuring various bank and credit union CD rates. Second, I thought I would take a little respite and focus on a few other topics. One may save you a lot of money and hassle, another may alleviate some fears with opening online savings accounts or certificates of deposit, and a third may land you a nice home.

We received a mass fax today from a company that was offering to include our company in their online directory. The company (Yellow Page B.V. or Yellow Publishing NQ LTD) operates a series of websites such as,, etc. First problem is the logo looks very similar to the real Yellowpages logo so many people assume that is who they are. Second, they make a false claim about offering to do a free Google Submission. There is no such thing. Finally, they are charging an exorbitant amount of money ($89/mo) to be listed on a site that has practically no value. If you want some more information visit Yellow Page Scam and/or Fighting Yellow Page BV. Note those are the same site, just trying to help a couple of likely search phrases.

The other topic may assuage some fears when it comes to opening online accounts and your credit score. As you may have run into, many online applications do a soft or hard credit inquiry on your credit. Sol Nasisi who writes for BestCashCow did an article on whether or not it aversely affects your credit score. Check it out: Does opening a savings, CD, or checking account impact your credit score? And it doesn’t have to be online either. Your local bank may do it also, I just run into it more with online stuff.

Finally, something sort of fun. Yahoo ran a story on houses under $100K. Some of these are amazing. My favorite is the Tudor in Michigan. So if you are looking to move, check them out. Homes under $100K. Let me know your favorite.

Have a great Veteran’s Day tomorrow. Remember to give thanks for the sacrifice they have given for our freedoms.

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-- By +Chris Duncan

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