Top Five IRA CD Rates Report

October 5th, 2010

Update: 03/27/12 — I noticed some people had been visiting this page. This product did not take the world by storm like we had hoped. We still have our regular placement service, here. This is for those with $100,00 or more. We also have lots of free information available on the blog. So feel free to poke around.

We are excited to announce our completed IRA CD Rates Report. It is in Beta mode so it is being offered very inexpensively for those willing to “test” it.

Basically, we are providing you the Top five IRA CD rates that we have found for terms from 1-year to 5-years. We provide some basic financial information, a star rating, contact information, and what I believe to be most helpful is what we call a road map.

The road map provides the instructions for setting up the CD. We compiled all of this information in an easy to use PDF download. We provide a sample to view so you can determine before purchasing if the rates are competitive or not.

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-- By +Chris Duncan

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