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April 22nd, 2010

Update: April 30, 2012: A reader stumbled upon this post. This was posted back in April 2010. It does show you how far down rates have gone. However, unfortunately since it hadn’t been updated, they thought they had discovered a goldmine of a rate. I apologize for that. I have updated the rates.

We’ve got some really good specials today and they will probably last a few days at least. Problem is it is only available for other Banks and Credit Unions. The Bank is FDIC insured and has a 3-Star Bauer Rating. They don’t want to deal with the CIP info that would be necessary for corporations or individuals.

We do have a fee, but even taking that into account, the rates are well above other things we are seeing.

This would be great for Bank trust departments managing pension funds, retirement accounts, etc.

Rate is great for credit unions that have excess cash on hand.

There is a $200K minimum, but sometimes they’ll let us send $100,000.

2Y: 2.25% 1.10%
3Y: 2.75% 1.20%
42M: 3.00%
4Y: 3.00% 1.40%
5Y: 3.50% (only a 6-month Early Withdrawal Penalty) 1.90%

So call us at 800-234-4605 or refer someone. We’ll pay $50 for a successful referral. Mention this blog post and receive a 20% discount on our fee. We will still gladly honor this. :O)

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