2.00% CD Special (13-Mo. Term)

March 31st, 2010

The 2.00% -1year CDs have almost all but disappeared, especially in a healthy bank. Well our searching high and low has found one. Okay, its a 13-month term, but what is 30-days among friends. $100,000 minimum, $250,000 is okay, too. This bank is FDIC insured. They have a 5-star rating from Bauer. The Bank isn’t a mega-bank so not sure how long the rate will last.

[Update 4/7/2010: The above rate offer has expired. I will still extend our discount offer on other purchases however.]

Send us a contact request or call and mention this blog post for a 20% discount on our fee. This rate is only good for personal funds only. Other banks and credit unions aren’t allowed, sorry.

Also as mentioned earlier, I’ve been busy completing articles for a 30-Day challenge. Here are some of those if you want some bedtime reading.

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And not to get Biblical on you, but check-out Psalms 118:8. It is reported to be the exact middle of the Bible when it comes to number of verses before and after. It is sandwiched between the shortest chapter, Psalm 117 and the longest Psalm 119.

Have a blessed day.
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-- By +Chris Duncan

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