It’s Refer Your Corporate Friend Day — Get Paid $150

December 5th, 2008

Update: 12/09/08 — This offer is still good. But rates went down a little since last week.

We’ve seen rates continue to fall this week. But one rate has remained high, and it doesn’t have a fee. However, there are a couple of catches. First, you have to be a Financial Institution such as a bank or credit union, or you have to be a corporation. The bank doesn’t accept personal funds.

So here is the deal. The rate for 3-years is 4.50%, the rate for 4-years is 4.80%, and the rate for 5-years is 5.05%. The bank requires $100,000. It is FDIC insured. I can’t give out the name on the blog, but the bank is very healthy. They have a 5-star rating on

If you refer a bank, credit union, or corporate friend to us and they open up a $100,000 CD for one of the above terms, we’ll pay you $150.00. That’s right, we’ll pay you $150.00. If for some reason, they already have a CD with this bank, but they do a future trade with us, we will pay you when the future trade is completed.

I don’t know how long the rate will be good for, but I do know it is good for today.

Our number is 800-234-4605. We can also be reached using our contact page. As you can tell from the number of blog posts of late, I’ve been very busy, but I hate to see people miss out on a great rate.

This offer is good for 12/5/08. We’ll extend it if the bank keeps the rate up.

-- By +Chris Duncan

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