Bribe or Bail-out

October 2nd, 2008

The Senate passed the bail-out bill. But, they added 18-pages of unrelated extensions and tax exemptions. Sounds like some of these items were added to “bribe” some of the members of the house that originally voted no.

I say call your representative and tell them to take out the “junk”. If the bill is to be passed, it should only be about the bail-out, and not have any added ear marks or pork barrelling.

Here are a few that Dwight of Wescorp featured.

How about $2 million in tax breaks for childrens wooden practice arrows (as in Robin Hood), $192 million in rum tax exemption for Puerto Rico (just heard one Senator say this was a truly vital extension), $100 million for motorsport racetrack improvements, and something about wool that will cost $148 million

Come on. Give me a break! As I’ve already said, I’m not a fan of this bail-out anyway. I do recognize that they believe it will open up the credit markets and allow for fund to flow normally from bank-to-bank and from bank-to-consumer/business. There is no guarantee of this though.

To me it seems like a $700BB gamble. I would love to have your thoughts. Leave us a comment.

-- By +Chris Duncan

2 Responses to “Bribe or Bail-out”

  1. Archangel Says:

    The corrupt have violated many laws and believe with out a thought they and have the money to pay off any who try to Enforce the law. Solution Enforce the Laws.
    The Criminal so above the law so bold they went on TV and spilled the beans.
    Quotes “MANY ARE TO BLAME”
    Law Dictionary; A conspiracy exist when the parties use legal means to accomplish an illegal result,
    Fed lowers Interest to prop Fannie and Freddie bottem line from 6.25 to 1.00% overnight rate averaged 0.68% June 2004, the Federal Reserve System target interest rate continued to do so 17 straight times
    In March 2006, the Federal Reserve ceased to make public M3, arguably the most reliable means of measuring the money supply declared that the costs of collecting this data outweighed the benefits
    Here’s the kicker
    The Fed needed to increase rates not lower them
    Quote”. overnight overdrafts (more than three occurrences in any 12-month period), the overnight overdraft rate increases by one percentage point for each additional occurrence.”
    So Conspiricary Proven[ CEOs, Fed, Congress]
    Now Every one on Earth Heard congress say the bail out is just bribery; Encyclopedia any item of value to influence the actions of an official in discharge of a public or legal duty.
    Bribery Proven
    Political corruption is the use of governmental powers by government officials for illegitimate private gain. So America The Violations or so many that the CRIMINals truly believe they are above the law, Hell Above God Lie under oath as one would say Good Morning
    America must Demand recovery for UNJUST ENRICHMENT
    Knowledge is immaterial under the law of unjust enrichment
    Wed, 4 Jan 2006 17:23:00 -0500
    Re: Unjustly enriched executive
    “Former HealthSouth Corp. chief executive officer Richard Scrushy has been
    ordered by a judge to repay his former company more than $47.8 million in
    bonuses, according to published reports. … Judge Allwin E. Horn III of
    Jefferson County Circuit Court in Birmingham, who made the ruling as part of
    a summary judgment in a shareholder lawsuit, determined that Scrushy is not
    entitled to the payments whether or not he participated in the fraud or knew
    about the scheme.”

    “While the company initially reported profits during the period, Horn wrote,
    HealthSouth really lost money, making Scrushy and other executives
    ineligible for any bonuses.”

    ‘Knowledge is immaterial under the law of unjust enrichment,’ the judge
    reportedly wrote. ‘Scrushy was unjustly enriched by these payments to the
    detriment of HealthSouth. And to allow Scrushy to retain the benefit of
    these payments would be unconscionable.’ ” Proven by Fact

    Corruption spent $500,000.00 on a party because they think Americans are stupid. Breaking the laws, means nothing to one that have on Honor for there position or even the oath they have taken. The Why and How. Why easy GREED. How The one person that had Honor And Respect for the Position he held retired. YES MR. Greenspan. No B.S. That is Fact. Look what the Fed has done. Lower rates more, at large amount, with out notice, like never in the history of America. WHY WHY To prop up number on Freddy ,Fannie and many more needing Bail out. A False perception. Why is it hitting the fan now. America the fed rate is at 1% and they are going to move it down to 0% it can go no lower. The perception of bad mortgages is all B.S. Think 200 CEO in just one firm making $100s of millions. Give each foreclose $500,000.00 and it comes to only $400B The Numbers are not even reasonable. Americans Now the Good News News so good it is time for us to have a party. American must demand . Enforcement of the Laws
    .Recovery of money but more than money this will stop the leaks/corruption in it tracks.
    Over 1000 CEO have been unjustly enriched. CEO must repay over
    $300B in bonuses.
    Unjust Enrichment by laws recover from years back

  2. Kayleen Says:

    Your answer lifts the intelleingce of the debate.

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