No More NoFollow

April 22nd, 2008

For many, this post may not mean much, but for others it will.? Search Engines, especially Google, have encouraged bloggers and webmasters to label links as “nofollow” if they are paid.? This basically tells the search engine to not give weight to that link.

Many blogging software programs also incorporated it when people leave comments.? This was mainly because blogs became suspectible to lots and lots of spam and the SEs didn’t want those links to miss with their ranking algorithms.? Most blog software now, though, has good spam filters.

Since, I feel good about our spam blocking, I found a plug-in that removes the no-follow.? Now, if you leave a comment, your site-link will receive some link love.

Here is a link to the tool.? Remove Nofollow Tool.? I don’t get anything from that link except for the satisfaction of knowing others may join the revolution.

cd :O)

-- By +Chris Duncan

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  1. CD Rates Says:

    testing nofollow removal

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