Best CD Rate – 4/10/08

April 10th, 2008

Updated: 5/15/08.

Our best shorter-term personal CD rate is 4.15% APY for 1Y. We also have a 3Y at 4.64% APR / 4.75% APY.? There is also a 10Y at 5.35% APR / 5.50%.

Our highest Corporate rates are 3.92% APR for 1Y (Fee) and 5Y at 4.55% APR (No Fee).

Visit our?Certificate of Deposit Rates?to get started with our process. We do have a fee for our service.

-- By +Chris Duncan

2 Responses to “Best CD Rate – 4/10/08”

  1. Peter Hoogveld Says:

    I love high CD rates and I found one: 18 percent Tax Free and insured by the FDIC in the Philippines. But, to be honest: I don’t fully trust it. The banks are located in a poor country while I live in the Netherlands. But a friend of mine, also a Dutchman, almost convinced me to take the step. He invested in the same cds in 2002, collected 18% per year and got back his deposit in 2007. The point is that consumers in the Philippines don’t mind paying 3% interest per month on loans. These are teachers and farmers and the like. That’s a whopping 36% per year ! Of course these banks can easily pay 18% per year. I discovered that the Philippines currently have a very solid banking system and that most banks are much richer than in my country, the Netherlands and in Europe. I have seen annual reports of rural banks showing assets worth billions of Pesos. Logical, because when the customer can’t pay back the loan, a collateral is foreclosed by the bank, mostly house and lot. But even now I’m still in doubt. Can anyone advice me on this ?

  2. Administrator Says:


    I tried to get to the Phillipines Deposit Insurance website, but it wouldn’t open. Although, I did find mention of the PDIC in a Wikipedia article. I’m always leary of things that sound to good to be true.

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