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March 18th, 2008

I updated our Compare CD Rates page.? This is useful for folks who are looking for free rate information and /or don’t meet our $50,000 minimum.?

Given the looming rate cut, I’m sure I will have some updates tomorrow as well.? We don’t work directly with the instutitions listed, but they should all be available nationwide.? Please leave a comment if you run into any problems.? I don’t want to link to an institution that provides poor service.

If you want to view the rates we have available go to our Certificate of Deposit Rates page.

-- By +Chris Duncan

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  1. No more WaMu CDs Says:

    I will not put money on WaMu (Washington Mutual) CDs anymore. Wamu doesn’t make it easy to redeem CDs. The only way to redeem is by calling their phone number. In contrast, other reputable banks allow online redeeming of CDs (very easy, very quick process).

    I had to Call Wamu several times, each time the wait is pretty long. They are not open that many hours and when I finally got through after 15+ minutes, I got transferred to the CD redemption department (another 10 minutes). I was told that I?ll get my check in 5-7 business days. Called again, Wamu said it will be mailed soon. Called after 7 business days, only to be told that the first person made a mistake and the checks were never sent. Another 5-7 business days. When the checks finally arrived it was more than 3 weeks late and mind you, WaMu doesn?t even pay interest for the time that held my money without sending a check.

    I have had much better experiences with highly rated and FDIC insured banks such as VirtualBank, Ascencia Bank, and Corus Bank (see for more info)

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