NewBank – CD Rates and Checking Account Special

December 21st, 2007

Updated: 2/12/2008. NewBank, a division of PremierWest Bank (FDIC# 32975) has on-line specials for CDs, Savings Accounts?and Checking Accounts.

NewBank was formerly part of Stockmans Bank based in Elk Grove, CA. Stockmans merged into PremierWest which is based in Medford, OR.

The CD Rates are competitive if you are comparing banks.? 1-Year at 3.65% APY and 2-year at 3.50% APY.

The Savings Rate isn’t bad either for our current environment. It stands at 3.50% APY. There are some higher ones out there though.

The checking account has a bonus feature of $50 if you maintain a $2,500 balance for 90-Days.

Click here for all of the details.

-- By +Chris Duncan

3 Responses to “NewBank – CD Rates and Checking Account Special”

  1. Administrator Says:

    As I was updating the information for NewBank I discovered the bank they were apart of was merged into a different bank. Also, many of the links I tried for opening accounts and verifying account details, at the moment don’t appear to be working. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Sam G Says:

    The landscape has really changed here. Checking accounts are now paying interest, almost as high as Certificates of Deposits in some cases. Schwab, Etrade and ING have some pretty good offers.

    You can find more at

    The only downside to these accounts, is that none of these banks/brokerages have local or nationwide branches. Once it’s open though you can setup direct deposit and start earning interest and have cash readily available.

    -Sam G.

  3. Administrator Says:


    I went and checked out the site. I didn’t actually see any accounts there with rates better than CDs.

    The highest savings rate I’ve seen recently is a 3.75%.

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