Socialized Savings

October 17th, 2007

Good ‘ol Hillary. Showing her true blue colors again. She wants to take your estate taxes and dole them out to encourage others to save.

It sounds nice on the surface. If I open this new type of account, the Gov’t will match it up to $500 or $1,000.? Boy-o-Boy, free money. But it isn’t fee. The revenue for this plan comes from estate taxes. To be fair, they aren’t planning on raising the current estate tax, just diverting part of it to this new program.

But here is the problem. The Gov’t shouldn’t be in the business of taking my inheritance and giving it to others. The Gov’t needs to stop using Americans as their revenue stream. Encourage your representative to stop taxing us to death. And find some other source of revenue.

Here is a link to the PR piece put out by Hillary. What do you think?

-- By +Chris Duncan

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