Big Dog Passes On To Better Place

September 26th, 2007

A True Big Dog passed?Wednesday afternoon.? Our dog Christy went to doggie heaven.? I’m dedicating today’s post to her.?

She wasn’t a big dog in size, but in heart.? She was a cross between a Bassett Hound and a Lab.? She looked like a Lab with no legs or a giant Daschund.

She was courageous, strong, and devoted.? Three qualities that one must have to be a big dog in my book.? She never complained, whimpered, or whined.? She always had a gentle touch with kittens and puppies, yet was strong and firm when necessary.

She accepted every child we had, every kitten or cat we rescued, and every other dog that we brought into the family.? She provided comfort through trials, companionship when we were lonely, and stood watch over us at night.

Christy, you were the best dog on Earth and now Heaven delights in your company.? Until we meet again, we’ll keep looking up…

Your memory lives on through our courage, strength, and devotion.?

-- By +Chris Duncan

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