LibertyPointe Bank – CD Rates – NJ,NY,CT only

August 17th, 2007

Updated 1/03/08.? LibertyPointe Bank has had some of the highest CD Rates.? They are still competitive.? They are only available for NJ, NY, and CT residents.? CD Rates are 1Y at 4.80% APY, 2Y at 4.90% APY, 3Y at 5.00% APY, 4Y at 5.20% APY and 5Y at 5.25% APY.

LibertyPointe Bank is relatively new.? They were established 10/3/05.? They had a 2.6MM loss as of 12/31/06, but a profit of 27K for the 1st quarter of 2007.? As of September they were in the red again with a loss of 549K.

They are not a big bank; Assets are $1204MM.? Their FDIC# is 58071.

-- By +Chris Duncan

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