Michigan CD Rates – Updated MI Bank Rates

July 5th, 2007

[UPDATE 4/6/09: This is an old post. The original rate of 6.00% is no longer available. (And hasn’t been for quite some time.)]

[UPDATE 3/30/12:I still see lots of folks visiting this post, so I figured I would provide some updated information. The credit union that was offering that rate is now offering a 1.00% for 5-years. Not so good.]

Here some Other bank and credit union CD rates available in Michigan

Institution Term APY
FNB of America 5-year 1.80%
FNB of America 1-year 0.80%
Citizens Bank 5-year 1.00%
Brokered Rates* 54-month 1.00%
Direct Bank* 4-year 0.90%
Direct Bank* 3-year 0.70%
Direct Bank* 2-year 0.50%

There have been quite a few banks in MI offering brokered CD Rates. That tells me there is some growth going on there which is good. I haven’t found any super great rates available through any of the local banks, so if you know of one, let me know and I will feature it. First National Bank of America had competitive rates. If you are in their area, you may want to drop in and ask about their certificates of deposit.

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*These are available through JCDI’s placement services. They underlying banks did not want their CD Rates out in the public realm. Brokered rates are primarily for institutional investors.

-- By +Chris Duncan

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  1. Jumbo CD Investments - CD Rates Blog » Best CD Rate Says:

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  2. Robert Guthrie Says:

    I am looking to invest some money into a long term CD. I am looking to invest 100,000.00 and want the monthly interest directly deposited into my checking account at my Credit Union. What is the best 5 year or 6 year interest at this time??

    Bob Guthrie

  3. ken Says:

    pls; provide jumbo cd rates

  4. ken Says:

    pls; provide me jumbo cd rates

  5. Alexander James Says:

    Thanks for the info even if the rates aren’t available anymore.

  6. Jumbo CA CD Rates Says:

    Alex — You are welcome. I wish rates were even half that. :O)

  7. RC Thompson Says:

    Oh the good ‘ol days. Ha, CDs, eh…well, they’re good for something I guess.

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