The Ups and Downs

June 27th, 2007

Here is an update on treasury yields, “The 2-year?yield is down to 4.82%, the 5-year 4.90%, and the 10-year is up 12/32s to yield?5.03%.? That 10-year yield is down a whopping 30 basis points from where it was just two weeks ago.”

The fact is the underlying conditions haven’t changed.? The media can only fake it so long.??The slightly extended nature of the current upswing (two-weeks?) has led to a slight increase in CD rates.?

Current CD rates are still above historical averages and they still will be even if rates return to the levels they were a few weeks ago.?

Here is some historical average rate information since 1993:

Term Rate
6-Month 4.367
1-Year 4.769
2-Year 4.874
3-Year 5.071
4-Year 5.170
5-Year 5.383

Keep in mind these historical CD rates are the true rate (APR), not the compounded yield (APY). Also, these rates only reflect what our clients actually purchased. This means the true averages are much lower.

For more historical rate information visit our dedicated historical CD rates page.

-- By +Chris Duncan

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